Special Sessions

List of special sessions for the WC2024 Congress

The Congress will comprise both regular as well as a number of special sessions.
The table below gives an overview at a glance.
Descriptions of the special sessions will be added later.

Looking for the regular sessions? Find them here.

Special sessions

ID # Title Chairs / Organisers
S1 Medical applications of nsPEFs R. Nuccitelli, O. Pakhomova
S2 Cell electrofusion B. Jakstys, M.-P. Rols
S3 Microalgae biorefinery N. Grimi, U. Tylewicz
S4 Advanced applications of PEF for food quality enhancement, food component modification, and structural alterations S. Mahnič-Kalamiza, J. Genovese
S5 Intensification of fermentation processes by pulsed electric fields F. Schottroff, J. Raso
S6 Electrochemotherapy in treatment of vascular malformations T. Muir, G. Serša
S7 Potential applications of PEFs technology in vegetable and fruit processing C. Siemer, M. Giancaterino
S8 Public health risks and pulsed electric fields in the food industry I. Alvarez-Lanzarote, J. M. Martinez
S9 Treatment of spinal cord injury: novel strategies and updates from the RISEUP project C. Consales, M. Colella
S10 Electrochemotherapy of cutaneous tumors G. Bertino, J. Gehl
S11 In vivo delivery of genetic medicine through gene electrotransfer K. Hollevoet, E. Signori
S12 Numerical modelling as an essential tool in electroporation research B. Kos, C. Poignard
S13 High voltage electrical discharges: principles and applications N. Boussetta, E. Vorobiev
S14 Electromagnetic modelling for pulsed electric fields E. Sieni, R. Sundararajan, S. Romeo, P. Lamberti
S15 Advanced imaging techniques for visualizing the mechanisms of pulsed electric field interactions J. Bixler, B. Ibey
S16 Electroporation in veterinary and translational medicine F. Maglietti, J. Impellizeri
S17 Voltage control of biological membrane pores M. Lindau, F. Castellani
S18 Bridging the gap between experimental and modeling studies in PEF electroporation: a Young Professional’s perspective L. Caramazza, R. Orlacchio
S19 Pulsed electric fields in meat and fish and their by-products processing U.Tylewicz, P. Rocculi, S. Tappi
S20 PhD Students as important bricks in the wall of funded projects and basic research S. Fontana, G. Innamorati
S21 Cardiac ablation by irreversible electroporation – pulsed field ablation (PFA) D. Miklavčič, A. Ivorra
S22 New waveforms and electric field management strategies for electroporation-based therapies A. Ivorra, M. Liberti
S23 Electroporation-based treatments in veterinary medicine M. Čemažar, N. Tozon
S24 Emerging role of Electrochemotherapy in the treatment of GastroIntestinal cancer L. Tagliaferri, R. Iezzi